Új szimulációt adott ki a Block Post Software (Crow Nest Junction)

Not the recently-closed plywood wonder, but the former L&Y box of 91 working levers. The simulation is set in the late 1950's when the area still featured extensive freight operation to and from the Liverpool docks, the Lancashire coal fields and local manufacturing industry.  Coupled with some very difficult gradients, this necessitates the use of Banking locomotives from the Wigan direction. Add to this busy holiday traffic to the seaside resorts of Southport and Blackpool (yes, a number of these did run via Hindley!) and operation is quite interesting!



Difficulty Rating:- 9 out of 10

Purchase Price:- £38.50



  • 91 working levers in the frame
  • Six Absolute Block and 3 "No Block" (goods) sections to the adjacent boxes
  • Complex layout, routing trains through no less than 6 double junctions or crossovers
  • Tricky routing descisions required
  • Complex "Switched Diamond" crossings with complex lever-pull sequences
  • Regulation 5 Acceptance of light engines off the Branch line.
  • Busy four track main line featuring long-distance expresses and heavy goods traffic
  • 3 good loops with goods trains held for passenger trains to pass
  • Complex Clearing points for acceptance of trains from adjacent boxes
  • Decisions required with respect to train priority
  • Light engines turning via the Branch triangle
  • Authentic working of Assistant Locomotives (Bankers), picked up at Hindley or Wigan and dropped-off at Crow Nest Jct for return Westwards
  • Bankers work-through to the next box if trains are "checked" at Crow Nest
  • Returning of Bankers to Wigan
  • Accurate representation of box equipment including L&Y 3-position block instruments, LMS "white on black" illuminated diagram and all blockshelf instruments.
  • Accurate representation of L&Y "Horwich" pattern lever frame including "modifications" to lever pull-plates arising from past modifications to the layout
  • 3 busy timetables - around 350 trains - including a busy "wakes weekend" shift
  • "Out of Guage" loads routeing to Horwich Works