Stourbridge Junction (SimSig)

Stourbridge Junction has been released. Completing another section of the Midlands area, this simulation covers the line from Jewellery Quarter (Saltley simulation), Galton Junction (exclusive; Birmingham New Street simulation), Round Oak, through Stourbridge Junction, and on to beyond Kidderminster. It features the infamous Stourbridge Town line, known in more recent days for its flywheel-driven Parry People Mover, as well as the connection to the even more famous Severn Valley Railway at Kidderminster.

Manual: https://www.simsig.co.uk/Wiki/Show?page=simulations:stourbridgejn


Megjelent a Crewe (SimSig)

A SimSig Crewe szimuláció a környező számos kis jelzőállomást és a Crewe PSB-t is magában foglalja, a fő ábrázolt korszak a Crewe állomás 1985-ös új jelzők utáni időszaka.

A Crewe szimuláció a West Coast Mainline vonalat fedi le Madeley-től (exkluzív) Acton Grange Junction-ig (exkluzív), valamint a Sandbachon keresztül Manchester és Runcornon keresztül Liverpool felé vezető elágazások egy részét. A Shrewsbury, Chester, Greenbank és Kidsgrove felé vezető elágazások szintén szerepelnek, csakúgy, mint a Basford Hall-i pályaudvari komplexum számos hozzáférési pontja.

Olyan opciókat is beépítettünk, amelyekkel egy játékos számára is könnyebben kezelhetővé válik a munka, mint például az extra automatikus gombok, valamint a szabályozott vasúti átjárók és az abszolút blokkoló berendezések kikapcsolása.

Crewe mind a hét szomszédos szimulációhoz kapcsolódik, ami hatalmas változatosságot tesz lehetővé a többjátékos játékokban.




Central Coast NSW Released (SimSig)

Central Coast NSW has been released. This sim covers Sydney's 'Main North' line from Hawkesbury River all the way to Islington Junction and the city of Newcastle.

This is a slow-paced regional sim, covering a lot of territory, where your regulation decisions are key. Turning a heavy coal train out in front of an express will have you potentially living with your decision for hours!

Central Coast can chain to Sydney North for a large multiplayer game. Trains will 'hand over' between sims at Woy Woy tunnel.

Freight traffic does not always run exactly to timetable. Some trains gain time when given a good run, others struggle to keep time. Trains departing balloon loops, especially Eraring, are generally not given enough time and will appear to be late - this is quite normal. Learning the running times between locations through experience will help you path these slow freighters.


Woking - Released (SimSig)

Following the recent meet we are excited to announce the release of the Woking simulation.

Take control of our version of Woking ASC, the real Woking ASC opened in August 1997, replacing a number of smaller signalboxes, some of which dated from the 1930s. The signalbox consists of a raised rear supervisory dias with two routesetting panel positions and a large rear indication panel visible to everybody. Despite being fitted with the same style cutouts for the headcode displays as Wimbledon ASC which has ARS: Woking ASC was never fitted with it, however the simulation has! A third position on a separate freestanding panel was added in the 2013.


Cornwall - Released (SimSig)

Following the recent meet we are excited to announce the release of the Cornwall simulation.

Take control of the Cornish Mainline, from St Germans all the way to the buffer stops at Penzance, as well as the Cornish branch lines to Looe, Fowey, Newquay, Parkandillack, Falmouth Docks, and St Ives.

This simulation covers the Cornish mechanical signal boxes from the fringe with Plymouth Panel Signal Box at St Germans all the way to Penzance, including the branch lines to Looe, Fowey, Newquay, Parkandillack, Falmouth Docks and St Ives.

There are nine signal boxes simulated, controlling a variety of technologies from Mechanical with tokens and absolute block to modern SSI and relay based interlockings.