SimSig Newsletter!


Since the last newsletter we've released some major updates to the Loader - far too many features and updates to list here, but you can see a full changelog in our Wiki. But that's not all - we have a number of new simulations which include London Bridge ASC, Manchester Piccadilly SC and area, Cardiff PSB and area, Plymouth, East Coastway, Leeds area, and Tyneside IECC (Newcastle). One simulation that didn't get much fanfare, but is nonetheless proving more popular and challenging than we first thought, is West Anglia which is the suburban lines out of Liverpool Street towards Stansted Airport, Chingford, Hertford East, etc. Finally, recent additions include West Yorkshire and Sheffield.


We also have a new pricing structure. Anyone can now build their own multipack and use coupon code MULTIBUY to gain a discount, regardless of previous spending. New users can still use coupon code NEWUSER if they've never bought a simulation before.


In case you hadn't heard, we've also been expanding abroad into Australia! Strathfield (just outside Sydney) and Moss Vale are both currently in preview but will be released in full soon. But they're not the only ones - watch out this summer (for those in the northern hemisphere, or winter for those not!) for an intense metro railway somewhere in south east Asia.

Sydney Model Railway Exhibition

We will be at the Sydney Model Railway Exhibition! For those that visited previously, the venue has changed to Hall 5 at Olympic Park in Sydney to provide for a much bigger exhibition. Olympic Park, for those that have played SimSig Strathfield, is just a short distance by train from Sydney Central. We hope to see you there! October 5-7, 2019.


With the implementation of more structured testing, better scheduling, and a tightening of updates, we will be rolling out simulations and updates even more efficiently and consistently than before. What's more, with our community expanding by the day, there are lots more multiplayer games now. Come by our site and join in the fun!

From the SimSig family.