Central Coast NSW Released (SimSig)

Central Coast NSW has been released. This sim covers Sydney's 'Main North' line from Hawkesbury River all the way to Islington Junction and the city of Newcastle.

This is a slow-paced regional sim, covering a lot of territory, where your regulation decisions are key. Turning a heavy coal train out in front of an express will have you potentially living with your decision for hours!

Central Coast can chain to Sydney North for a large multiplayer game. Trains will 'hand over' between sims at Woy Woy tunnel.

Freight traffic does not always run exactly to timetable. Some trains gain time when given a good run, others struggle to keep time. Trains departing balloon loops, especially Eraring, are generally not given enough time and will appear to be late - this is quite normal. Learning the running times between locations through experience will help you path these slow freighters.